First blog post

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I have to say my life wasn’t boring all the time. I’ve had adventures and half of my life stories come from when I was drinking all the time, which to me seemed fun in a way, however I can still recall my first night of karaoking with my older brother Joe. I have to give him credit for the experience of singing I don’t think I would’ve done it without him. He sure was a light in my life.  We had more than a few beers that night and decided we wanted to sing. The first song we sang was called Family Tradition by Hank Williams Jr. and after the thrill of singing… that first time…. it was like a drug to us and we couldn’t stop we needed more. That was in 1994, but years later my life has changed, but I’ll try to continue this adventure with you. If you’re willing to read my life.

Meanwhile…. This post is old

Back at work since Hurricane Nate. It came through, but luckily we didn’t have any damage. I mean it was a small hurricane (thank goodness it wasn’t a big storm). Ok off of Hurricane Nate and onto my stressful life. It’s been almost two months my wife and I have been trying to close on our house. Friday is the day of closing


Today I’ve been unemployed for 2 months, and it’s really doing a number on me. I’ve tried multiple places, but no luck. The WINjob Center is a joke here in Pascagoula, MS. The people there have a job, so why should they actually help anyone out? Blah blah blah is all they hear. Well hopefully something will break for me and I’ll get out of the unemployment line.


Ok so here I go. A week in a half ago my nephew and I started watching the show Shameless. Ohhh wow what a show. These guys on this show are some most dysfunctional folks. On another note tomorrow is January 2 back to work I go. It’s gonna be cold on night shift and I really don’t want to freeze. My end note is this watch #Shameless I hate cold weather and I’d rather not work night shift. My life is complete.

One day before…

So another year has come upon me. Yelp it’s my birthday 46 years old tomorrow. I put this post up one day before my birthday just in case I don’t get the chance to tell people thank you for my happy birthday’s. Anyway I’m sitting outside of work it’s foggy, humid, and wet. I really wish I was at home on days like these. Ok I’ll write more later. Please everyone have a good day.

Tuesday morning

Well Monday 12/4/2017 they launched our boat. Now it’s back to the grind until Christmas. I was thinking about working Christmas and making a few extra dollars, it would help out on bills. My body has been in pain for awhile 45 almost 46 in a few weeks and I hurt the way I do. Ok folks let me get clocked in so I can go to work.

Monday Night

It’s getting close to my anniversary. My wife wants to throw a party for our friends and family. I’ll be there with bells on. I love her and I’ll be with her until the end. Well it’s Monday Night.

10:25 pm

Funny, why I named my blog 10:25 pm. Well thats what time it was when I started writing this blog. Today went by kinda fast at work, thank goodness. I was actually looking for things to do which was boring. Close to the end of the day I finally found something to weld, that made my day go by fast I hate not having something to do. I’ll continue this its bedtime but i wanted to write something tonight.


Well it’s been a few days since I’ve written my blog so here’s the deal. I work all the time and my job is kind of iffy if u will, but it pans out right most of the time. So here goes. I’m a welder by trade so working at a shipyard has its ups and downs and I’ve just been so busy working. Me and my wife just closed on our new to is home and we love it. It’s a small house around 1270 sqft 3 bedroom 2 bath home. So needless to say one room will be my office and I’ll be glad when we settle in to our new home. It’s raining out today and we are just being lazy and getting this done takes time.

Hurricane Nate

As Hurricane Nate pushes his way to us in Southern Mississipi everyone is scrambling and acting like no one told us about a Tropical Storm or Hurricane. Wow, how can some people be so cut off of in the news these days. Just about everyone has a smart now. They are saying 6 to 10 feet water surge. Omg well at least it’s not Hurricane Katrina, but still it’s a hurricane headed for the southern part of Mississippi. Stay safe everyone.